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5 Steps to organising a BARISTA for your next event

Events are all about getting people together to bond, network, share, and be inspired. Whether it’s an intimate company conference or a huge trade expo, everyone is there to have a great time. But when people need a break, they’re often left to find coffee somewhere outside, hoping they won’t miss anything in the meantime.

Having a coffee cart at your next event will keep the conversations flowing. Your own in-house barista can create some magic for you! With a quality service, high-end espresso machines, and expert craftsmanship, your guests will get a coffee experience that matches your style.

5 STEPS to organising a BARISTA for your next event!

Here’s some handy hints we’ve put together for you based on our experience in working with events for over 10 years….

  1. Make it count! Use the opportunity of getting the barista and their service in, as a way, to promote your brand using some different mediums. It can be really, simple.  Here’s some basics – branded coffee cups, a poster on the front of the cart, and a T-Shirt or cap for the barista to wear.  Suddenly, you’ve taken the service from simple hospitality to a great branding exercise.
  2. Get them in early.  Have someone onsite 1 x hour prior to your service time to give access for delivery and to allow time for the barista to locate the position. The setup of the cart and heating up of the coffee machine will take 30 minutes alone. Another option here is to have the coffee cart delivered the afternoon prior to your event, this will give you the peace of mind that it’s all ready to go.
  3. Make the delivery a smooth process.  Ensure your barista has an onsite contact, give them a mobile contact number and inform any building security people of their pending arrival. Be sure to let them know if your delivery address/loading dock is different to your lobby/office entry.
  4. Location.  Location.  Location.  Work out ahead of time where you want the coffee cart located and make sure it is within easy access to a power point, ideally not where the cable will need to be taped across walkways. Consider the area required for the coffee queue and avoid blocking walkways.
  5. Let them know what’s happening.  Let your barista know if the actual coffee service time is going to be cut short by speeches or breaks where the grinder cannot be operating due to noise. This may mean you need an extra barista to get the coffees out quicker, so no one misses out on their fix!


50 coffees per hour – 1 x Barista

100 coffees per hour – 2 x Baristas

Getting Great Coffee at your next event is easy…

If you’d like a free quote and some expert advice on how to make you event memorable, simply click on the link below and we’ll get in touch:

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